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Murals are traditional art of paintings which was directly executed on walls.It have a prolonged traditon, significance and history in Indian Arts.Significnce and hisory in Indian Arts.Mural Painting were used to depicit relegious and mythological stories.Mural Paintings are more popular becuase it can be easily understand by common people. Idol's like Krishna, Shiva,vishnu,ganapathi are more popular in mural paintings but talented Mural artists can fetch any vision to murals.

And here Cochin murals is a showcase of the 7 year dedicated effort of Mr. K.U Surendran, a talented artist working on Mural paintings in various medium such as murals on wall, clothes painting, painting on canvas, pot painting, Pencil drawing and moulds painting. A self starter with immense talent had obtained recognition among the followers within no time since the launch of the paintings.

His vision is to expose the richness of this ancient art and allow it to spread to all corners of the world especially in Cochin kerala , for people to enjoy and absorb the freshness of intricate designs. He dreams of a universe free from cultural, social and geographical boundaries. The artist paints a picture of the oneness of the human race, seen through art and its colours.Come; walk through Mr. K.U Surendran's expressions of beauty and art.Also if anyone interested to study about Mural Paintings or to research about mural paintings kerala ,Mr.Surendran will help to know more about Mural paintings, ancient Mural Pictures. He offers a study class in Mural Painting herein Cochin for the interested budding artists.

CochinMurals Popular Mural works are